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Nov 06

Madness Volume 3

The end of our Compilation Trilogy, Madness, thanks to all the producers for submitting stuff for this amazing projects. Please reblog, tweet do whatever to get this out to the masses.

Thanks to Northern Rock for the artwork, follow his music and art making

@ovjeff and https://www.facebook.com/rorthernnock



Nov 06

The End


Hello everyone, this is the end of the blog, but not the end for me, it has been a pretty cool run with this blog. I am happy to have met many of you and talked music and shared a number of stuff I love. I couldn’t have done it without the readers and the many fans out there as well as all the wonderful artists and producers. I never imagined I would have been able to do this and keep this going for as long as I did. I have to end the blog because of some real life obligations as well as two other writing chances and I will be working over at Paradise Rhythm a small little digital label. I want to thank you and everyone from the bottom of my heart for supporting the blog. If you want to keep in contact with me send me a message or email me.  A special thanks to everyone in the Bullet Connect, Andrew Ollerton, Northern Rock, Ahmad, James, Connected Goods, Hypmos and Northern Rock for the Madness artwork, Dylan for the artwork for the Baltimore stuff,  every Baltimore artist especially a special shoutout to Al, thanks to Mishka, Beards and Hip-Hop,Jukebox DC, Beats and Blood, Decoder and anyone else who has taken part on the journey, Adam Es, Botaz and the first two artists to mess with the blog, 2Times(Smuggs) and Shmx,and anyone else I am forgetting, thank you.

Support #Baltimore artists and kids doing different things

If you want to send me stuff send to my email: undrgrndbullets@gmail.com or send me a message on here if you want to stay in contact or say you hate me or something nice.

Madness 3 will posted at 11 pm and you can get it right here

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-Bernard Chillcut

Sep 28


Check out a new sick track from artist Andre Altrez formerly known as Lace FM. The Philly based artist delivers some exotic raps on his track , Blue. The track features production from Andre as well and really shows off his progression as a artist. Check out the track and make sure you support, thanks.

Sep 27

Being Gigantic

New album from one of our favorite producers, Being Gigantic. Landscapes, is released in connection with the new label, Paradise Rhythm. The label has been killing it so far with release from Botaz, Gvtxrvde, and now Being Gigantic. Check out his amazing album below and support.

Sep 24

Bolo Nef and Ryan Evans

Check out the first visuals from artist Bolo Nef produced by Ryan Evans. The video is a split between Life and Rotten Lust feat. Caz Greez. Check out the sick visuals and be on the lookout for Bolo’s full length, CROATOAN CRIMEWAVE.

Sep 23

Splash Zone

New to the blog is a young producer out of Baltimore, Uhhhh, yes that is his name and when you hear this you will be saying, uhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhh, releases his his tape full of spectacular sound excursions, perfect for any weather but preferably the summer. Make sure you support this man and his sounds.

Sep 17


Check out a instrumental tape that will blow your little mind. Quazar Nahaisha, a producer from Indiana delivers some spacey and out of the world beats on his brand new tape, $$$Neon$$$. I really dig the  sounds on this thing so make sure you guys check this out and support.

Sep 17


Check out the exceptional tape from Wicca Phase, which includes some exceptional guests. Rarely do you see this many awesome people on one tape, but Wicca comes through. You can see the likes of Paradise Rhythm members, Being Gigantic, Shmx, and Fantasy Camp along with blog favorites Suicide Year, Ammit and Jayyeah along with others. Please download this and support.

Sep 16

Black Zheep DZ

Check out new and amazing visuals from Baltimore artist, Black Zheep DZ. Whachu Sayin, delivers as another top notch visuals from artists coming out of Baltimore. Check it out and support.

Sep 14


Three new rap tracks for your late, late friday night

Sep 14



We are huge, huge fans of the young Philadelphia based artist, Ammit. Not only does he make some incredible tracks but he also links up with some fantastic producers. Ammit’s latest track is done with producer Zubin and a remix with  #YoungParadise member Being Gigantic. Check out the track, Get Got, below and support.

 go to his show in Philly right here below

Sep 11


Checkout new and very sick visuals from Marleaux D and Richard Desire of the Creators crew. The young talent coming from Baltimore is pretty special right now and this video is great, directed by Aus Taylor.. Check it out support.

Sep 11

Young Braised

Check out the new tape from Canadian artist, Young Braised. Young Braised drops his new project on the label 1080p and delivers some grimey raps that we really love. The tape features Pepperboy and our good buddy, Ammit. Please make sure you check this out, its amazing and needs your support. Also features mastering by  the amazing techno dudes at Aquarian Foundation.